December 2016

Using VR for good - VRinOR®


The year’s summary kicks off with VRinOR®, the global platform we have been developing across 2016 focusing on the distribution of VR-content for medical education and training.

The idea to use our proprietary VR technology for good was planted when our investors decided to fund Mativision’s future. The fact that they are doctors helped us to get introduced to a whole new world, the digital healthcare one.

New York…here we come!


And then came New York. The heart of the US business world and one of the most influential metropolitan cities in the world.

Something that we never thought would be possible only 9 months after our HQ relocation to London, came true thanks to a friendly chat with one of our long-time supporters and friends, Marios Rush.

Money talks


Following the successful completion of our first seed round in December 2015, we managed to secure another seed round in November 2016 which gives us the necessary resources to continue the great work we are doing.

This round will enable us to continue the rigorous acceleration that we initiated in the beginning of the year. At the same time, it will keep the positive PR momentum going around our work and the development of VRinOR®.

Charity calls at the Royal palace



When the team that runs the ‘Centrepoint at the Palace’ event reached out to us and asked for our help with the 2016 event we didn’t think twice about offering our services to help the great cause that the charity works for.

Best live entertainment projects – 2016 MTV EMA and Samsung S7 launch

YEARS_YEARS_C1-03 copy.jpg

Our 2016 summary would not be complete without a reference to the best live entertainment projects we delivered this year.

We started off the year with a unique and very challenging event which saw us delivering live in VR a Years&Years gig to a select audience of media and influencers.