Charity calls at the Royal palace



When the team that runs the ‘Centrepoint at the Palace’ event reached out to us and asked for our help with the 2016 event we didn’t think twice about offering our services to help the great cause that the charity works for.

Youth homelessness is a current problem in major cities around the world and in the UK only more than 150,000 young people ask for help with homelessness every year.

Centrepoint works towards offering a helping hand to all those young people that find themselves in a tough situation for reasons that are outside of their control and aims to provide accommodation, health support and life skills to get them back into education, training and employment by allowing them to stay with Centrepoint for up to two years and keep supporting them for another six months to make sure they can live independently.

So, the 2016 event was not only going to be filled with music stars the likes of Ellie Goulding, Craig David and Nile Rodgers but with the help of Mativision it would also become a 360 & VR broadcasted event.

Before we knew it, we were setting up our 360° cameras and equipment at the Kensington palace just a few feet away from the residence of the royal family.

Needless to say, the feeling of being able to work out of such a venue was that of honour and respect since for the past 8 years we have been broadcasting music events from the likes of Wembley stadium, Hollywood TV studios and other more traditional live entertainment venues.


The charity’s Patron Prince William celebrated the amazing achievements of young people supported by Centrepoint, and along with Liz Hurley and Jonathan Ross presented the second annual Centrepoint Awards. Both Ellie Goulding and Craig David were outstanding and Craig closed the night with a storming set – which featured a stage invasion by a group of Centrepoint young people!

For us, the event itself might not have posed any technical challenges or helped us accomplish another world’s first but it allowed us to help raise further awareness about a very current problem and contribute to Centrepoint’s efforts by offering a different view of the event to young audiences.

Most importantly though the charity successfully raised the incredible amount of £1.5 million which was the ultimate purpose of the event!

We would like to say a special thank you again to the Centrepoint team for giving us the opportunity and we look forward to working with them again next year.