EVERYTHING VR & AR. George Kapellos of Mativision talks VRinOR


In the latest ‘Everything VR&AR’ podcast, our Head of Marketing and Partnerships of Mativision, George Kapellos, offers up insights into Virtual Reality as an industry and Mativision as a company.

This episode was hosted by Kevin Harvell and recorded in New York.

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Some of the insights Kapellos provided were:

Q: How do the VR & AR scenes in different cities compare to each other?

A: London has a lot of potential, but is still at the very early phase of adoption. In contrast, New York is at a whole different level as brands can see the value in this technology and are investing money in it.

Q: How has the VRinOR® platform been accepted so far from the medical community?

A: Even though Mativision has been around for more than ten years and created a wealth of VR&360 projects for the music industry, very recently (April 2016) we live streamed in VR a cancer surgery from London. That was a great PR moment that created tremendous awareness for Mativision and opened our eyes to a whole new world; the medical and healthcare industry. We had more than 54.000 people watching the surgery on their headsets (Samsung Gear or just smartphones with a Google cardboard), and that was achieved with zero marketing budget. From that point onwards we started investing more time and money in the application of VR for medical training and also started receiving briefs from medical companies that wanted in turn to explore VR as a technology application.

And that was the moment in time when we decided to develop a whole new platform called VRinOR® where we create 360° and virtual reality medical content with augmented reality elements. The main vision of this platform is to allow doctors, medical students, hospitals and universities around the world to train themselves or their staff in specialist surgery processes without the geographical limitations that current training methods have.

How can VR help the medical training industry? Because its immersive. Once you wear that headset (Oculus, Samsung Gear, Google Daydream) you are completely immersed in a content world you that allows uninterrupted focus on what you are listening and viewing. We strongly believe that VR&AR will be a true game-changer in the medical training & education industry and Mativision will be at the forefront of it.

So far the platform has been welcomed enthusiastically from doctors and students globally and we are already talking to healthcare brands and universities about partnerships that will see both entities having their own channel on VRinOR®.

You may listen to the Podcast by clicking here