Mativision s Easter eggs


The end of Q1 - 2017 has found Mativision with a tonne of great news coming in from various projects we are working on and we thought this would be a good opportunity to share it with all of you!

For starters we just hit probably what is one of the biggest milestones in the history of the Mativision brand. As part of the work we set out to do in 2016 which included laying solid foundations for organic growth and safeguarding what we have been developing for more than 10 years, we commissioned an IP valuation with Metis Partners. As one of the most experienced legal advisors for IP matters, we worked alongside for several months and the end result was revealed a few days ago in the form of the IP100 League Table 2017.

The IP League Table profiles and ranks innovative companies, highlighting those which have significantly invested in their IP in the form of IP creation, IP management policies, R&D activities and IP commercialisation. Within that League, Spot Seven Limited, the company that owns the Mativision brand ranked 1st in the Software IP Asset Class and 4th in the Trade Secret Asset Class!

In case you are wondering what the significance of the IP100 League Table is, this article will help provide some context for the value of this milestone.

For everyone at Mativision, this is another proof-point that we were right in investing time and money in developing proprietary VR technology and we will continue to do so furthermore now that the VR market is growing exponentially every day.

Mativision team.jpg

Following the great techie news of our IP valuation, we were also informed that the 2016 MTV EMA App (iOS & Android) which we have been fueling with VR content for 2 years in a row now has been nominated for a Webby award!

We are extremely proud for this nomination because a lot of work has been put in the app for the VR content we livestreamed from Milan and Rotterdam and at the same time thankful to Viacom for trusting in Mativision for delivering their VR stream.

Feel free to vote for the app and help it win the category!

Music Week award.jpg

Last but not least we were excited to find out that at the Samsung S7 launch we helped livestream in VR last year won an award at the 2017 Music Week awards! The project which was an Iris Worldwide and Universal Music – Globe initiative, managed to win the Best Brand Partnership category award making us very thankful to have been part of it and proud to have helped all companies involved to make it happen.

We wish you all a Happy Easter!