Money talks


Following the successful completion of our first seed round in December 2015, we managed to secure another seed round in November 2016 which gives us the necessary resources to continue the great work we are doing.

This round will enable us to continue the rigorous acceleration that we initiated in the beginning of the year. At the same time, it will keep the positive PR momentum going around our work and the development of VRinOR®.

The fact that we achieved to raise a second seed round within an 11-month time frame from the first one was a big milestone for Mativision and an indicator that the results of our work are visible and inspire trust and confidence to our investors.

We also learnt that building strong relationships with our existing investors and at the same time making them part of our core business model (in our case 2 out of the 3 investors are doctors) not only creates a solution-oriented dynamic but also provides a strong incentive for them to continue their support which is beneficial for both company and investors.

That said, before we completed our second seed round, we had managed another major accomplishment, which is one more proof point of the upward trajectory we are on – within the first 6 months of 2016, we tripled the value of the company!

Working together with one of the most reputable IP valuation firms in the UK, Metis Partners, for more than 2 months, we proved to the investment world that even if a small company does not have millions in the bank, it can still increase its’ value with the help of smart marketing and hard work.

Metis partners.jpeg

The results of the assessment generated by Metis were outstanding. They validated the threefold increase of our IP value based on all the work we had done within the first 6 months of 2016.

But that wasn’t all. Metis had another surprise for us; the assessment they completed on Mativision allowed them to enter us into top 100 UK companies based on IP, called the UK IP100 Club which consists of the top performing 100 companies who have entered the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100, IP100 Champions, sponsors and potential investors.

In the next 12 months, we intend to accelerate the growth of our business and we are aware that in order to succeed, we will need to partner up with strong players in the global arena. As 2016 was coming to its close, we came to an agreement with PwC to provide us with advice and support towards this target. We are confident that with their support,Mativision will manage to reach its intended goal and establish itself among the leaders in its selected markets.

In parallel to the PwC agreement and following a prior engagement with Reed Smith, the renown global legal firm, we intend to further our relation with Reed Smith in 2017 and beyond, engaging their remarkable expertise in (among other) complex strategic transactions and crucial regulatory matters. Reed Smith represents many of the world's leading companies and have helped several early-growth media companies grow. Their track record gives us confidence that with their legal support and representation, Mativision will be able to develop and grow to a very successful company.

All the above milestones have helped us further shape our vision for the company and look at the future with a very positive outlook.

As cliché as it may sound, we truly believe that ‘sky is the limit’ for Mativision and we are confident that we are going to prove this very soon!