New York…here we come!


And then came New York. The heart of the US business world and one of the most influential metropolitan cities in the world.

Something that we never thought would be possible only 9 months after our HQ relocation to London, came true thanks to a friendly chat with one of our long-time supporters and friends, Marios Rush.

His advice of having physical presence in the US via an office in New York resonated with us immediately. There was no thinking twice. We put a plan of action together and just 1 month after our conversation with Marios, our Head of Marketing & Partnerships was already on board a flight to New York and making new friends!


Thanks to the innovative co-working concept of WeWork, which we work out of in London, we now have an office in Bryant Park enabling us to host meetings and network with the US business community.

We have already held a series of interesting meetings throughout this last financial quarter across the US which ranged from creative agencies to healthcare and technology brands including a VR live-stream demo to one of the biggest healthcare brands in North America.

Our aim is to further drive the expansion of Mativision in the USA with an aggressive go-to-market strategy and all these meetings have laid the necessary foundations that will allow us to implement successfully this strategy in 2017.

At this point it’s important to thank 2 more people that have helped Mativision build a presence on US soil.

Kris Kolo, the Global Executive Director for the VRAR Association and President of the NY chapter, was one of the first people that approached us while in New York and convinced us to become a member of the association. The rest is history and the work that Kris and his team have done for us and with us is outstanding.

The second person that offered us support is Garrett Fenelly and his company Big Picture Company. By combining our 360° & VR technology with BPC’s creative powerhouse we were able to jointly pitch for VR and AR projects giving us the ability to offer a turnkey content solution to clients.

We have very high expectations from this market and all the signs from the first 4 months of being in New York are pointing towards Mativision having a very strong year in 2017!