Using VR for good - VRinOR®


The year’s summary kicks off with VRinOR®, the global platform we have been developing across 2016 focusing on the distribution of VR-content for medical education and training.

The idea to use our proprietary VR technology for good was planted when our investors decided to fund Mativision’s future. The fact that they are doctors helped us to get introduced to a whole new world, the digital healthcare one.

Soon after our investor’s entry we managed to hit the front pages of major publications around the world by live streaming in VR a cancer surgery from St Barts hospital in London performed by Dr Shafi Ahmed.

This was the first time that our proprietary technology was used to live-stream VR content from the healthcare vertical and the aim of this project was to demonstrate the vast possibilities of the technology in revolutionising surgical training and global health education.

We wanted to prove that real surgeries broadcasted in VR can provide unparalleled access to new surgical learning resources for medical personnel around the world and at the same time address the global inequalities in surgical health by enabling trainees and surgeons to connect remotely and train in complex surgeries wherever they may be the world.

And what a success this project was – more than 54,000 people from around the world watched the surgery setting the benchmark very high for other VR live-streamed events!

The same project also brought us additional fame a few months later, when it was showcased as part of the keynote speech at the Oculus Connect 3 conference in San Jose.

In the months that followed the surgery VR live-stream, we continued to develop and launched the VRinOR® platform on iOS, Android and the Oculus store. With the help of our doctors and investors we expanded our library of VR content, filming more than 10 different specialised operations ranging from knee surgeries to dental implants.

On a parallel path, we worked on our next digital healthcare project which aimed to deliver live VR in the seminar room. The project was a natural extension of Mr Ashok Sethi’s training activities which see him deliver educational seminars to dentists from around the world. So we set off to create a VR training facility which after an initial demonstration in November out of Mr Sethi’s private clinic in London, is now permanently installed and fully functioning at the PID Academy in Wakefield, UK.

VRinOR_Training facility_London.jpg

The demonstration debuted with a live dental implant surgery to a group of 25 senior doctors from overseas, followed by a pre-recorded surgery, both presented in VR via the VRinOR® platform. The participants watched the two complex dental procedures using Samsung Gear VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).

The results of our innovative digital healthcare projects landed us another great ranking with Datafox, this time in the top 30 medical companies in the UK!

And this is only the beginning for us in this new and exciting space. We anticipate 2017 to be full of new VR projects focused on digital healthcare and partnerships on both sides of the Atlantic that will make VRinOR® the go-to platform for the distribution of VR medical education content.

To download the VRinOR® app simply click on the links below on your smartphone:
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